European quality standards guaranteed by ÖNORM.

The practice commentary on ÖNORM CEN/TS 16118 provides planners, developers, property developers, investors, housing and real estate companies as well as their consultants with valuable practical hints for economically sustainable design and goal-oriented approach to the development and implementation of Assisted Living in the new buildings as well as in stock. Furthermore, it helps those public authorities concerned with the topic, such as banks, real estate trustees and experts in assessment of these projects with regards to their sustainable value.  

The practice commentary also serves to the orientation of those providers who want to get certified according to ÖNORM CEN/TS 16118 from Austrian Standards plus Certification, to prove the neutral examined quality. It is a book from practitioners to practitioners: it combines the necessary technical details with an overview of the entire issue from the pen of authors   who were all members of committees and boards. 

The practice commentary is primarily focused on Austria. By agreement of the ÖNORM with the European quality standards and because of many parallels with DIN 77800 it gains an additional value in the European reference. Particularly the situation in Germany was taken into account.