Assisted Living with 17 apartments

  • Size of apartments 45–62m²
  • 1 common room
  • Community garden
  • parking area
  • kindergarden
  • Completion spring 2019

8430 Leibnitz
Emmerich Assmann-Gasse 6

Leibnitz is above all wine-, culture-, school- and shopping town. The region affords large offer for free time and sports possibilities. The South Styria wine-land is drawing through the cycle paths, while Leibnitz is connected from Graz to Murradway through elective junction.

The object is located not far from railway station and the main square and it allows the optimal supply with goods of the daily needs to the inhabitants due to the position.

More information about the Assistant Living houses of Silver Living can be found on the homepage of Senioren Wohnen.