Assisted Living with 19 apartments

  • Size of apartments 41-68m²
  • 1 common room with office for care staff
  • Business unit
  • Completion spring 2019

Object placed

8041 Graz
Liebenauer Hauptstraße 91

The Styrian capital is known for high standard of living, a vital economy and a for an extensive offer of education and culture. Graz offers a perfect combination of urban living, tradition and recreational areas in the greens. Culture, recreational facilities, medical supply and other forms of supply possibilities - everything is provided and the inhabitants living in Graz are able to satisfy their needs more than necessary.

Our Assisted Living lies in the disctrict called Liebenau, south of the centre of Graz. 

More information about our Assisted Living houses are to be found on the homepage of Senioren Wohnen.