Assisted Living – a new home.

In old age things go differently than before. Nevertheless, elderly want to stay independent and active to carry on doing things they used to do. Our Assisted living facilities enable them to lead lives according to their wishes. In their own apartment – but with security there is somebody whenever they need. Someone who assists them in everyday life, but also someone with whom they can spend their daily lives.  

As experienced experts in the field of Assisted living we are pleased to offer you our exclusive Silver Living Management GmbH portfolio of services. We are your qualified partner in charge of the individual, independent and convenient quality of life in old age.

  • We arrange all necessary services and support activities for the inhabitants
  • Silver Living Management GmbH selects the best provider for every single service and bundles those single services to a meaningful package
  • Examples of our partners are the Vinzenz Group, the Red Cross and other social institutions
  • Silver Living Management GmbH  acts as a full-service contact point towards the investor(s)
  • If required, we take over the operational management of the complex