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1. Using this website

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2. Exclusion of producers guaranty

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3. Limitation of liability

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4. Internet Sites and Links

The websites contents also links to the websites of other suppliers. We are not responsible for the foreign contents, which are reachable through such links. Foreign offer will be verified by the first linking on the unlawful contents. Only when we ascertain or we will be pointed on it, that the offer shows the unlawful content, this link will be lifted up, as far as it is technically reasonably possible. We use on this website browsersided „Cookies“ and serversided „Session-IDs“, in order to lighten the usage of the online-offers to the user. „Cookies“ and „Session-IDs“ contain no personally special information about the user of this websites.E-mail-address, name and address stay anonymous.

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6. Guaranty

The information on our internet sites were created with the greatest dilligence. However we do not assume any liability for their completeness or applicability to certain purposes. The utilisation of the contents, which are at the disposal on the internet sites happens exclusive at user´s risk. For possible damages or failure of the equipment we don´t assume any liability. When we publish prices or price lists on the sites, these prices are not-binding. Printer´s errors and mistakes are excepted.