Timely learning and living with Student Living.

For domestic and foreign students in university cities nearby the university, leisure facilities and other localities. When creating housing for students the focus is to meet the specific needs of the target group, living must be affordable, the floor plans should be well plannes and clear, and of course, there should be sufficient and inviting space for learning, socializing and sports.

"Student Living" is booming, alternative living arrangements such as student dormitories or micro apartments are becoming more and more interesting for investors.The trend is headed towards small apartments consisting of residential modules with 2 to 5 residential units - so-called "butterfly rooms", which can easily be converted into a different form of living if needed. Student cities such as Graz and Leoben promise attractive returns. In the process, real estate in need of refurbishment in central city locations and in the vicinity of universities will be completely refurbished, and modern apartments will be built with a customized infrastructure for students.

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