Living together with Generation Living.

The combination of young and elder "occupants" as a substitute for the large-family housing model. The generation house brings old and young together - there is a kindergarten, a nursery and rental housing for elder people in form of a supervised residential complex, all in one and the same property. This type of housing, where young and old people can benefit from each other, is on the rise.

The nursery or kindergarten is functioning in cooperation with a well-known support organization from a partner network, which GiP - generations in partnership belongs to.There they rely on know-how combined with open and appreciative cooperation.

On the investment side, a new asset class and a win-win situation for everyone is emerging. On the one hand, an ever-increasing market demand is covered, municipalities are upgraded and the rural depopulation is held back. Then again investors also get their money's worth thanks to attractive returns.

We are more than happy to inform you about rental apartments or investing in Generation Living. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call on 050 323 323.