Feeling comfortable with Assisted Living.

When you get older, many things aren't as easy as they used to be. Nevertheless senior citizens still want to stay active, independent and do what they like to do. Silver Living specializes in rental flats for senior citizens with care benefits attuned to the target groups. These housing facilities are generally located close to the center of the village or city life. Therefore local suppliers, recreational activities and public transport are easily accessible.

To optimize our work and to update the needs of our residents of the Silver Living housing facilities, we rely heavily on the latest scientific studies.On our behalf renowned market research institutes analyse attitude, the needs and the opinion of the Austrian population. For example, two thirds of the older work force suppress thoughts about their future, or that the fear of loneliness in old age is widespread. That is why we try to counteract these tendencies with our work and our offers.

In contrast to other property investments you can expect sustainable returns over a long period of time if you invest in Assisted Living because of the rising demand and the demographically secured needs.This is also supported by stable rental entrances, possible rental allowances as well as the inflation protection by the real value of the property and the index-based rent. The active support of the municipalities enables a constant high utilization.

We are happy to inform you, if you intend renting a flat or investing into Assisted Living. Just send us an e-mail or call us on 050 323 323.