I stay independent.

Our inhabitants decide on their own when they want to use any of the services and assistance provided under Silver Living concept. The ÖNORM-conform and elderly-friendly equipment in Assisted Living facilities allow people to cope with their lives better than in classical apartments. 

While moving into Assisted Living facilities, the elderly have possibility to bring their own furniture which helps to settle the familiar feeling in the new apartment. Many facilities dispose over community garden which gives inhabitants possibility to garden and plant their own flowerbeds.

Soul and body are active.

Every day should be a valuable day for our inhabitants with access to a variety of services provided. Each body and each soul can be trained, activated and encouraged individually or as part of community under the professional guidance. Therefore, we organize the group activities, such as trips, baking, card games, sport, etc. and thus refresh every day.  

A cosy and generously equipped common room provides the basis for meetings or various joint activities and events.

Mobility is important to me.

The inhabitants should reach their goals without barriers, safely without stumbling steps and by using the meaningful, simple and understandable technique. This is visible already when entering the house through automatic sliding doors and a lot of other technical amenities accompany inhabitants around all accessible rooms. Regarding safety standards, the bathrooms are equipped with floor-level showers and practical handles. The associated comfort improvement leads to the noticeable increase of self-confidence and a better sense of vitality of every individual.

Our great variety of care and nursing services fills the gap between care and nursing at home on one hand and indispensable transition to the nursing home. Generally, people with first three levels of need can be provided in our Assisted Living facilities whereby also higher levels of need can be provided depending on individual circumstances.