Not yet ready for the retirement home.

Although the elderly living in our facilities appreciate little assistance in everyday life they remain completely independent in their decisions. We are mainly focused on the easy accessibility of the public facilities and elderly-friendly, safe and standardized design of our apartments.

The individual equipping of apartments is up to the inhabitants of our facilities. They can equip the apartments according to their personal taste with their own furniture, personal keepsakes as well as books and pictures. If required, we assist them with our expertise in interior design so that a friendly and harmonious atmosphere is created. Basically, every apartment is equipped with a modern elderly-friendly kitchen and barrier-free bathroom.   

  • Assisted Living aims at supporting the self-determined living in old age as far as the care conditions make it possible
  • Our focus is on the creation of the manageable, livable and active house communities built in the center of rural and urban life
  • Assisted Living covers at least first three levels of needs representing around 70% of federal care allowance recipients and 2/3 of retirement home residents