Professional care with soul.

We consider preserving the right for self-determination of our inhabitants and ensuring the highest possible quality of life to be the most valuable. With help from our professionally trained personnel, your living conditions and life can be fully free and independent. However, whenever needed you can rely on our help and support. Our care provider offer the following basic services:

Information, consultation and assistance in all organizational matters of everyday life (for example application for nursing allowance, official channels)
Building a house community
Assistance in financial management 
Activation and mobilisation (min. 2x per week targeted activities to train body and soul under the qualified guidance)
24-hours-emergency call

In addition, we also help you with organizing the required hospitalization, placing in nursing homes and more. We organize numerous additional services, such as cleaning, meals on wheels, massage, qualified professional care and therapy, services in case of illness and much more as part of our basic services.